Naomi has four values that guide her work:

  • Be present: Naomi understands that the value in legal services extends beyond the billable hour. She adopts a client-centred approach in all aspects of her services, and she is committed to delivering legal services with intangible value. She cares about all clients.  

  • Deliver principled legal services: Naomi aims to ensure any client engagement is right for all parties, both lawyer and client. Naomi is proud of her ability to provide legal services, but she is not for everyone. She is also happy to refer you to someone if you choose not to retain her services.

  • Undertake careful pursuits: Naomi is committed to providing sound and reasonable legal advice that is flexible to her clients’ needs. She also ensures her legal services remain flexible and are delivered in a responsible and discreet manner. She takes her professional responsibilities seriously.

  • Transform experiences: Naomi understands that not everyone’s interaction with justice and law is a pleasant experience. She aims to ensure that her legal services are positive and delivered with integrity. She respects people’s experiences and she understands her professional responsibility to do the right thing in all instances.

Naomi adopts a trauma-informed approach to her services, from first communication to the final product. 


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