Naomi understands that not everyone's interaction with the law or the justice system is a pleasant or welcoming experience. It can even be a harmful or triggering experience.


She gets it, personally and professionally, especially as the legal profession has historically excluded Indigenous people.


Naomi does not shy away from challenging the status quo. From being the only First Nations woman with lived experience opposing Stephen Harper's anti-prostitution laws at the federal standing committee on justice and human rights to bravely sharing her experiences about the Law Society of Ontario's good character investigation processes that impact self-identifying Indigenous licensing candidates (i.e. future lawyers) at a higher rate

In 2018, Naomi developed and delivered training for legal professionals that introduces legal professionals to trauma-informed advocacy. The program was first of its kind in Canada. Delivered at full participant capacity each time, a range of professionals consistently attend including crown attorneys, benchers, defence lawyers and academics.


She wants to help change the legal profession for the better.


Today, Naomi teaches the three pillars of trauma-informed lawyering as a professional responsibility. Learn more about trauma-informed lawyering and contact Naomi today.