Work Safe Twerk Safe: Strippers Appeal Doug Ford's Decision Concerning Strip Clubs


Naomi Sayers, Barrister/Solicitor & Notary Public

Christopher Folz, Barrister/Solicitor & Notary Public /

Work Safe Twerk Safe



Ontario: Naomi Sayers and her co-counsel, Christopher Folz, represent the above group, Work Safe Twerk Safe in an appeal filed today to challenge Doug Ford’s decision to target strippers, discriminatorily and unfairly, in regulations to close down strip clubs.

Our client is a peer-to-peer group that is based out of Toronto, Ontario (Canada), made up of current and former strippers who came together to fight for strippers’ safety, dignity and rights on the basis that exotic dancing is real work. Our client’s mandate, among other things, is to resist against unsafe work practices implemented by owners and the failure of policy and law makers to ensure policies, practices and procedures centre the health and safety of strippers.

Our clients wish to share with the general public the following:

As strippers in Ontario, we are concerned about the treatment of strippers in Ontario and potentially, other sex workers who may be further discriminated against by governments. We are concerned that our work at strip clubs is being treated differently than workers at other bars. We feel that the decision to enact these provisions to close strip clubs specifically relates to discriminatory and stereotypical assumptions about strippers as vectors of disease. We want to be treated same as other bars and nightclubs. We feel we have been left out of decisions that affect us.

The Canadian Press's Holly reports here. PDF of this press release here.

For more information you can contact counsel or the group through the following:

Work Safe Twerk Safe

Naomi Sayers

Christopher Folz

Naomi, Chris and Work Safe Twerk Safe thank the group of students who assisted on a pro bono basis concerning this filing. Without them, this wouldn't have been possible.

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