Naomi represents individual or corporate clients in criminal and quasi-criminal proceedings in both federal and provincial prosecutions. Naomi advises on all administration of justice offences, including ensuring compliance or next steps to protect your interests. Naomi's practice includes criminal code offences, drug offences, environmental offences, highway traffic offences, or health and safety offences. Her work extends to professional discipline and professional regulation matters. She also represents clients before administrative decision makers and at various tribunals including the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.


Naomi understands the firearms licensing regime, including restricted or prohibited firearms, and she can advise on your rights in the event you receive a weapons prohibition or are seeking to appeal a weapons prohibition. Your rights concerning your firearms upon arrest may be impacted. Please contact Naomi for legal advice on your rights concerning your firearms.


Naomi has appeared before Parliament as an expert on the impacts of criminal law on Indigenous women and girls, and policy-makers regularly consult Naomi. Naomi can advise on the impacts of criminal policy or law to your individual, corporate or community circumstances. Naomi can also assist with policy development.

Victims of crime, including corporations, may have certain rights. Please contact Naomi for advice concerning your rights. 

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