For over 10 years, I have been using my personal story to create and influence change. National and international organizations often reach out to me, asking for my expertise. Publishers and editors also contact me regularly to write or comment on a specific subject in the media. These subjects range from professional regulation to human rights issues.


Now as a lawyer, I use my expertise in story-telling to help decision-makers understand my clients’ stories using the law.


I represent everyday individuals, professionals and small to large entities. I am a process-nerd and love helping others find simple solutions to challenging problems, serving clients in Ontario and Alberta with regular inquiries across Canada. My primarily digital practice helps keep pricing competitive while remaining above the technology curve. I sometimes work with co-counsel on matters and adopt a collaborative approach to help achieve a client’s goal.


I offer legal services in the following areas:

  • Public Law

  • Indigenous Law

  • Administrative Law

  • Corporate Law

  • Criminal Law including Legal Aid matters

  • Aboriginal Law (duty to consult and accommodate)

  • Litigation (civil / criminal / administrative / regulatory) 

  • Professional Discipline matters

  • Workplace Investigations including representation and  reviewing reports 

  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions including negotiation and mediations

I am available to facilitate training for your organization or institution on issues relating to my practices area and treaties or Indigenous law and history. I am also notary and can assist with notarization.


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My story is not unique as an Indigenous woman in Canada. I grew up on a First Nation and eventually moved away from home. I was able to take my life experiences and learn to advocate for change, nationally and internationally.


Prior to launching my own practice, I worked in-house at Hydro One, Ontario's largest electricity distribution and transmission provider. Working primarily on First Nations files, real estate files, and corporate law files, I worked on major projects and diverse matters ranging from ongoing and corporate disclosures under securities legislation, governance issues and corporate litigation, to name a few. I also assisted with negotiations for transmission and distribution permits required under the Indian Act for Hydro One's assets on First Nations land throughout Ontario.


I am based out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario but with my digital practice, I serve individuals and entities throughout Canada on any given day.


I incorporate technology throughout my law practice and use technology to develop competitively priced solutions for clients. Clients who are comfortable working with technology are best suited for a lawyer-client relationship with my office.


I also take the time and care to understand a client’s case. Individuals who have urgent requests may be best suited elsewhere. I do not respond to urgent inquiries from non-clients under any circumstances. You must follow my intake process and that takes time and care. I may prioritize individuals facing safety and security issues especially in terms of online harassment.


My personal and professional working style is direct and honest. I also require clients to be honest; otherwise, our lawyer-client relationship is significantly impaired, and I may have a duty to withdraw from any representation, subject to my professional obligations.


I understand that clients who come to my office often distrust others, such as lawyers, who may work within the system. I will outline expectations for a lawyer-client relationship. However, I am not your counsellor. I will be firm in setting clear professional boundaries. This is nothing personal. Clients may be better suited elsewhere with an office with multiple lawyers or administrative support who have different expectations for the lawyer-client relationship.  


I require clients to be respectful of my time. While I take on retainers with entities and interact with multiple parties, it must be clear who is the instructing client. I am required to follow special rules and changing the relationship may require me to withdraw or discuss an increase in costs. Clients may be better suited for a law office with multiple lawyers if they intend to bring in multiple parties later without prior discussion to retaining my services or be ready to discuss an increase in fees.

I believe clients should have flexible options and services. I offer hourly rates or flat fees. Some arrangements may be eligible for tax exemption. I am based out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and serve the Algoma District and Ontario generally. Contact my office directly for Alberta inquiries.



I have three core beliefs when it comes to delivering legal services:


Transform experiences: I understand that not everyone’s interaction with justice and law is a pleasant experience. I aim to ensure that my legal services are delivered with integrity. I respect people’s experiences and I understand my professional responsibility to do the right thing in all instances.


Deliver principled legal services: I aim to ensure any client engagement is right for all parties, both lawyer and client. I am proud of my ability to provide legal services, but I am not for everyone. I am happy to refer you to someone if you choose not to retain my office.


Undertake careful pursuits: I am committed to providing sound and reasonable legal advice that is flexible to my clients’ needs. I also ensure my legal services remain flexible and are delivered in a responsible and discreet manner; I take my professional responsibilities seriously.


I adopt a trauma-informed approach from first contact to final product. Being trauma-informed also means that I respect my own boundaries and individuals or entities who have different expectations about my professional role are better suited elsewhere.


I would be happy to chat with you in the next 1-3 business days about your matter. Please provide all information requested. Please do not provide any confidential facts or information in your initial contact until I have confirm I can assist you. No lawyer-client relationship is formed by submitting your information. Failing to use this form may result in a delay in responding to any direct emails from non-client inquiries. I am based out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and serves the Algoma District. 

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